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Created on 2014-06-12 18:21:56 (#2269945), last updated 2014-06-30 (250 weeks ago)

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Name:because we love Snape's bottom & Snape bottoming
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:New? Unsure about posting? Read me. Thanks!
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:a fan community revolving around Snape as a bottom (all sub-genres welcome)
Welcome to Bottom!Snape! We love Snape's bottom, and Snape bottoming. We love both slash and het, but we don't like wank, so keep it civil.

RULE #1 - save bandwidth & aggravation and post everything but your intro behind a cut

RULE #2 - ANYTHING adult-oriented, be it art or fanfic or a video or a photo-shopped image, put it behind a cut - thanks!

A moddy will ding you should you forget either of those rules. Oh, and this is more of a guideline, but just in case you missed it above - do your best to keep it civil. That doesn't mean no foul language. Hellfire/shit/fuck's sake/damn it, we use it all the time. What it means is that comments about the entries should be constructive and topical and about the posted content and not against the person providing it. Destructive, off-topic and persistently negative or inflammatory comments aren't welcome and might get you screened. (in best Hermione voice) Or worse, expelled!

Thanks to dreamwidth's built-in screening policies, we don't have to police for age statements (one of the reasons we moved the community), but it's an adult community so we expect people to act like adults.

Aside from the above (we feel) reasonable requests, anything goes!

your moddies,

odo -aka- psyfic, chazpure & torino10154
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